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Connecting the dots. Simply.

The Law Firm Avv. Michele Rizzo offers legal assistance and advice on court matters and on “out-of-court” issues of Italian Administrative Law, Business Law and Real Estate Law.

We have offices in Milan and Athens and our services are available in Italian, English, Greek and French.

Our legal services are mainly aimed towards private individuals (aspiring entrepreneurs and not only), companies and public bodies.

In particular, our practice provides legal consulting services to both Italian and foreign companies (especially Greek) and other professionals (for instance lawyers with other specializations, notaries, accountants, architects, engineers and surveyors) active in the field of public tenders, public utilities, the energy sector, construction and real estate, and the tourism sector, with special focus on energy and environmental sustainability and the internationalization of the companies.


Practice areas

Economic sectors

Special Services


“Across the board” legal expertise, hands-on experience and continuous professional development

These are are the strengths of the professionals of the Law Firm which allow them to analyze even complex situations under different angles and to identify the optimal solution for the client’s interests. They pay great attention to the evolution of the legal framework and market trends in the sectors of public tenders, construction and real estate, energy and local public services and tourism.

Linguistic skills and international orientation

Our professionals are in possession of high linguistic skills and have gained important professional experience in law firms and institutions oriented to an international context. These elements allow them to provide high quality legal services in Italian, English, Greek and French and, therefore, to be the ideal legal consultant for commercial transactions involving Italian and foreign companies.

Legal services, communication channels and “tailor-made” services and fees for each client

Every client is different. For this reason, we listen carefully each client, in order to understand his real needs and to guarantee the high quality of the legal services that we provide. Being client-centered is a fundamental value for the Law Firm and therefore we offer a wide variety of solutions in terms of duration of the assignment (by means of a retainer arrangement or on an individual case-by-case basis), fees (flat-rate or hourly fee, with or without success fee) and communication channels to be used (e.g. telephone, email, Whatsapp and Skype).

High level of digitalization

Our legal practice is equipped with the most modern communication and data management technologies that enable the provision of legal assistance to the Italian and foreign clients in a timely and efficient manner. The client is also offered the possibility of requesting and receiving legal support – including legal opinions, even in oral or simplified form – “remotely” (i.e. without having to visit our premises or physically meet our professionals). The high level of digitalization also ensures notable cost savings for the client, fast and timely communications, but also high standard of privacy and data protection.

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